Catherine's expertise

Catherine has been there. Having lived through similar experiences herself, she is intimately familiar with what you are leaving behind and your apprehensions looking ahead.
Her goal is to help you acclimate serenely into your new home in Silicon Valley, so that you can enjoy your experience sooner.

How can Catherine help you with relocation services?

Educated at I.P.A.G. in France, Catherine worked in marketing communications and PR for 20 years before moving with her young family to Silicon Valley in 1999.

With further experience in public relations and marketing communications at Stanford University, her background proves valuable in helping understand the lives sought by other professionals, while her experience as a wife and mother gives her insights on the importance of assuring that needs are met for every member of a family.

Catherine is a certified Real Estate Agent and as such has been bringing families to California since 2004.
She is actively involved in the cross-cultural exchange between America and France with organizations such San Francisco Bay Accueil (SFBA) and the French American Chamber of Commerce.